What To Wear To NYFW


It's my favorite time of the year!

New York Fashion Week is here and I can still feel the excitement I had during my first fashion week 12 years ago! With a decade long career in the Fashion industry as a merchandiser, I've honed in my eye for design and styling. So what better time to use my skills and spot upcoming trends than during NYFW?

Check out the 7 ‘IT’ items everyone will be wearing and how to style them for the Fall.



You'll see leather in many forms this year, from oversized jackets to floor length skirts and everything in-between.


Bold Earrings

Whether it be diamond filled earrings like our Mara Link Earrings dropping this Fall or plain metal ones like our Tube Hoops, a statement earring is key.



As one of the ‘IT’ colors of the season, grey will dominate this fashion week and Fall


Inflated Cateye Sunglasses

Perfect for adding a little drama and fun.


Long, Low-rise Skirts

We're swapping the micro low-rise for this ‘90s style and I’m here for it.


White Gold

White gold jewelry has been having a resurgence but this season it will shine its brightest paired with grey outfits.


Ballet Flats

Comfortable and stylish, ballet flats are the go-to for long NYFW days. Pair them with socks for an updated look.